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Education Program

For the past few years, we have been fully supporting the education of four young girls who would not normally be able to afford it. Two of the girls have recently graduated! Here is a heartwarming letter written by one of these remarkable young women:

Two new girls have just been selected to begin their studies, and we have been discussing the possibility of supporting more girls in the future. Due to the current economic situation in Malawi we had to defer this decision to a later date, but the education of these orphaned girls remains a high priority for the Theresa Foundation. For more information on why the education of women in Africa is vital, see this article.

Farming Program

One of the larger endeavours supported by the Theresa Foundation in Mnjale is the farming program. The villagers practice subsistence agriculture, which is made more difficult by the poor quality soil. Every year, the Foundation purchases much needed fertilizer and seeds for six large gardens maintained by the grandmothers, aided by young volunteers. Moreover, as part of a feeding program, the Foundation provides the grandmothers and children with nsima, a maize based food, for when it’s needed. The grandmothers have also received training in grain storage methods, as well as in marketing and nutrition.

Finally, we continue in the tradition of our founder by sending money every year around Christmas time so as to provide a large festive meal for the village. This has become a welcome tradition.

Community Center

The community center has been completed! Mnjale’s community house had been nothing more than a pile of rubble before construction had started. As a result of your generous donations, we were able to build a new brick house, complete with electricity. The community center serves many important roles for the village, not the least of which is giving them a place to gather. When a grandmother is sick, the center serves as a warm and dry place to keep her safe and cared for. In the rainy season, it sometimes serves as a place to store maize if necessary. As one of the only buildings with electricity in the village, it now serves as a place to go if any work needs to be done after dark.

Construction started just before Alice's visit in 2010.

Grandmothers in front of the completed community center.
Recently, to celebrate the completion of the new community center, a formal ceremony was held bringing together the four village headmen. This important celebration was sponsored by the Theresa Foundation.

In addition to these larger projects, there are many smaller but no less important items we’ve supplied them with. These smaller things were supplied on the basis of need, and were asked for by the villagers:

  • Blankets, sweaters and cloth wraps for the grandmothers and orphans for cold nights or when they become ill;

  • Medicine;

  • Food supplies;

  • Mosquito nets to protect the villagers from malaria;

  • A treadle pump and pails, to help provide life-giving water;

  • 3 pigs, their troughs and medication; as well as 40 chickens and their feed;

  • Bicycles, which serve as a means of transportation and which help to carry goods.

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