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(from left to right) Brian Lambert, Ann Lambert, Alice Abracen, Emma Lambert, Ben Lambert.

The board of directors, based out of Montreal, are made up of the son, daughter, and three grandchildren of the Theresa Foundation's founder, Thérèse Bourque Lambert.

You may take a look at all the information available for this foundation in the Quebec Enterprise Registrar by searching for us using the the name "Fondation Thérèse Bourque Lambert" or "Theresa Foundation" using this website.

The Theresa Foundation would not be able to do its work without the help and dedication of two remarkable women. Melissa Banda is a young woman with family ties to Mnjale village. She works tirelessly to support the grandmothers and run the Foundation on the ground in Malawi. Melissa continues to grow the Theresa Foundation, so as to be able to provide aid for as many people as possible. Gisèle Leduc is a Missionary Sister of the Immaculate Conception working in Lilongwe, Malawi. She has generously donated her time and knowledge to the Foundation, and acts as the link between the Theresa Foundation in Canada, and with Melissa in Malawi. We owe a great deal to these two women and continue to work with them to make the future brighter for the grandmothers and orphans of Mnjale.

Melissa Banda (left) and Gisèle Leduc (right)

To explain a little bit more about the village of Mnjale, Malawi, and his involvement with the Theresa Foundation, Roger Roome has put together a short slide show which can be viewed by clicking here: Roger Roome and Mnjale.pdf

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